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      The notion of mounted minerals began in the fall of 1984 when Bill and Elsie Stone, owners of the Sunnywood Collection wanted to display several large specimens from their mineral collection in the living room. The specimens were large enough that they might damage the furniture. They decided to construct a custom base out of hardwood to hold the specimens in a stable but artistic position. From the first mounted specimens came The Sunnywood Collection, providing museum quality mineral specimens from world-wide localities . All specimens from The Sunnywood Collection are mounted on either exotic or domestic hardwoods or acrylic bases.

      The business has grown from a small, part-time activity in 1985, to full time operation in 1992. In the fall of 1998, Sunnywood moved its business to a 3,000 square foot facility in N.E. Aurora, Colorado. The new facility has an office, shop, storage facility and a permanent gallery.We recently expanded to 4500 sq. ft.-this to add a computer routing facility and additional storage.

      The Sunnywood Collection can be seen at most of the major mineral shows in the U.S.A. Featured specimens are advertised in both the Mineralogical Record Magazine (full page) and in Rocks and Minerals (1/2 page).

      Our recently re-designed full function website (, is designed to increase access to the various galleries of The Sunnywood Collection. The site also provides a secure order form.

      Bill Stone, President of Sunnywood is an easterner, born in Garden City, New York. He attended grade school in Garden City and then graduated from Hamilton College, Clinton, NY with a BA degree in Geology. He then attended the University of California at Riverside, graduating with a Masters degree in Geology. He spent the next 30 years working for several Oil and Gas companies as an exploration geologist. The last four years he spent as an independent geologist. Bill left the Oil and Gas business in 1992 to work full time for The Sunnywood Collection.

      Elsie Stone, Secretary-Treasurer of Sunnywod was raised in Pueblo, Colorado. She attended a grade school in Pueblo and then went on to Arizona State University where she graduated with a BA in Business Adminstration and a minor in computer programming. She worked as a lease analyst in the oil and gas business for about five years in Denver, where she met Bill. They were married in 1970 and have two children. Their son Tim works for Sunnywood in the shop and as a photographer and designer. He is currently attending Univeristy of Colorado, Denver for his Masters Degree in Architecture.

      Bill enjoys singing barbershop harmony. If you attend their party during the Denver show you might hear his barbarshop quartet. Elsie enjoys wood turning, sewing and horseback riding.

      The name Sunnywood has strong roots from Bill's family. His grandfather purchased land on the shores of Lake Champlain in upstate New York ten miles from the Canadian border in the early 1900's, some of which was inherited by Bill's parents, which ultimately was passed onto Bill and other family members. The name of this family camp is Sunnywood. With fond memories of Sunnywood the name seemed very appropriate as a name for theSunnywood Exploration Corporation, the parent company of The Sunnywood Collection.

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