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Have Your Own Specimen or
Entire Collection Mounted on a Custom Display!

The demand for high quality bases for mineral and fossil specimens has dramatically increased in the past several years. As collectors and dealers continue to buy specimens from $500 to $500,000 there is a need to display them as elegantly as possible. The Sunnywood Collection is the original maker of acrylic and wood bases and continues to lead the world in innovation, stability and quality. Our bases can be seen in numerous mineral shops, mineral shows, and collectors’ homes around the world. We have mounted thousands of specimens since we started business in 1985.

Having your specimen mounted by Sunnywood offers many advantages. We now offer mounting on clear, black, or frosted acrylic ranging from 1" - 2" in thickness and many different hardwoods . Most of our customers prefer rectangular shaped bases, but we can also produce a base of any shape including round and eliptical. Throughout the process no glues or mineral tacks will ever touch your specimen.

Specimens are either hand-routed by one of our very experienced technicians or if appropriate, completed on our computer controlled router, complete with laser scanner. Our labels are available in either black or white lettering and can be removed if changes are necessary. Clear bumpons are added to the bottom of the base for stability and to prevent scratching.

We will work with you to design and display your specimen as appropriately and artistically as possible. Because we have your piece during the entire process, we are able to make it extremely stable in almost any position you desire. We firmly believe this is the only way to make a quality mineral base. Every supporting prop that we make is custom designed and fitted to your specimen. They will often touch more than one area of the piece, thus allowing more support. Having your specimen in our possession allows us to insure that your specimen is positioned perfectly with a high degree of stability. It’s worth it to give it to us... After all, who wants one of their favorite pieces falling off of it’s display, causing it significant damage?

For specimens to be displayed outside of a mineral cabinet, we offer clear acrylic covers for protection against dust and breakage. Turntables are also available custom-sized to fit underneath your base allowing you to have a 360 degree viewing pleasure at the touch of your finger.

Contact us to find out how we can help your collection or exhibit look even more spectacular. Bring your specimen to us at our shop or drop them off with us at one of the major mineral shows in the United States. If you choose to send your specimens to us, call us so we can advise you how to package and ship them in the best manner. Normal turnaround time is 4 to 6 weeks. If you should require alternate timing, please call and make arrangements.

 .75" and 1" ACRYLIC BASES      

New prices effective December 1. 2012

  • 2-5" max dimension - $200 (*)
  • 5-10" max dimension - $225 (*)
  • > 10" max dimension - call for estimate
  • 2-5" non-rectangular base - $200(*)
  • 5-10" non-rectangular base - $225(*)


New prices effective December 1, 2012

  • 2-5" max dimension - $250 (*)
  • 5-10" max dimension - $275 (*)
  • > 10" max dimension - call for estimate 
  • 2-5" non-rectangular base - $255 (*)
  • 5-10" non-rectangular base - $275 (*)
  • >10" non-rectangular - call for estimate(*)

Price also includes as many custom shaped props necessary to properly stabilize the specimen.

(*) Price is based on normal routing time of no more than 1 hour.  Additional routing time will be billed at $50.00 per hour.    

A 5% discount will be offered on mounting orders of greater than 15 specimens in a 30 day time frame.              


If you are sending specimens for Custom Mounting, please click on the link below, download the form, fill out the list of minerals and values, sign and mail to The Sunnywood Collection along with your minerals. We cannot begin work on the custom mount until we have received the signed form.


Wood bases are made from 8/4 lumber (1 3/4" thick).  Due to the rapid increase in wood prices, all wood bases require custom pricing.  We stock may American and Exotic hardwoods.


Acrylic covers are available on request.  Ask for quote.


 Pedestals with or without lighting are available on request.  Ask for quote.

Shipping and Packaging:
  • All specimens are supplied with a packing box.
  • All specimens must be double boxed for shipping - Cost of shipping box(es) and packing materials will be billed to customers.
  • A handling charge of $5-$10/box will be charged.
  • Shipping cost and insurance is charged to customer. Inquire about insurance for expensive specimens
  • Shipping Charges will be added to your mounting bill.

If shipping your specimens is not an option due to fragility or high value, we can arrange to pick them up and return them to you for travel expenses and a daily per-diem fee. This is only practical when 50 or more specimens can be gathered for mounting.

Wilensky Fine Minerals
Wilensky Fine Minerals
Joe and Susan Kielbaso


Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much all the bases Sunnywood has done for me over the years have improved the overall appearance of my collection. I must confess I have tried the competition's bases. Not having to ship or be without specimens is appealing, but the final result just doesn't seem to work out. The fit is sometimes loose and the angle is not always as I intended. The acrylic doesn't sparkle. Supports are wobbly. When I positin a piece on a Sunnywood base, it "snaps" into place with confidence. You clearly have the best product on the market. I'll be sending all of my work to Sunnywood in the future. Thanks for your special attention to every order!
- Marc Countiss     

Thank you very much. That is a good shot (photograph) of the piece and, by the way, I really like the job that was done on the base. There is absolutely no wobble or wiggle in how the specimen is fitted. I'm really pleased.
- David Bristol, Jr.     

I have been a Sunnywood customer for nearly ten years, during which time I have had dozens of my finest mineral specimens mounted. The quality and aesthetics of the custom mount bases has been exceptional and consistent throughout this time, and has greatly enhanced the presentation of my collection. Bill, Elsie, and the rest of the Sunnywood staff are always pleasant, responsive, and respsonsible people who care for my specimens as I would, and take great pride in their work and craftmanship. I look forward to many more years os doing business with Sunnywood.
- Jim Gebel M.D.     

I just wanted to thank you for the most recent specimens you mounted for me. Having more than twenty done by you,my collection displays better than most museums I have visited. Even the minor ones have a museum quality about them .Thanks again for making my collection something I am very proud to display
- Charles Pratty     

" For several years I have used Sunnywood to do custom mounts of fossils and minerals for both my Discovery Stores and my personal collection. All of their work has been of the highest quality with excellent customer service. I believe the value of these pieces was significantly enhanced by the artistic presentations afforded by the mounts. I recommend that any collector with serious pieces should utilize Sunnywood's custom mounting servicse."
- Rick and Frances Rolator - By Nature Gallery     

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