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The Sunnywood Collection, Inc. is the world leader in mineral specimen mounting with a staff that totals more than 40 years of experience. We have mounted over 10,000 mineral specimens since our inception 23 years ago. Our customers include many of the most important private collectors and dozens of mineral dealers.

Find out how we can help your collection or exhibit look even more spectacular.


I have been collecting minerals for twenty-five years and like most collectors I have enjoyed displaying my specimens. Before I met Bill Stone of The Sunnywood Collection, I displayed my minerals on different types of Lucite blocks. Each one was secured to the Lucite base with a combination of glue and putty. This enabled me to show every specimen’s optimal display side. This, combined with a nice cabinet and good lighting, made for a wonderful way to show people my mineral collection. However, when I met Bill and Elsie, who had made a business out of custom mounting mineral specimens, my ideas about how to display my collection changed forever. I removed several of my specimens from their permanent stands and cleaned off the glue and putty, which was not an easy task, and presented the minerals to Bill. We had discussed what the stands would look like – uniform Lucite with a nice polish and beveled edges, and some other minor details about the process, but I was not prepared for the magnificent surprise that I would get when I saw the finished product! Each mineral was perfectly centered on a clear and beautifully polished block of Lucite. The specimen was also perfectly displayed as I would have only dreamed it could be! The best part and biggest surprise for me was that there was no glue or putty and the specimen was perfectly stable! He achieved this by carefully routing out a resting place for the mineral in the top of the Lucite base and then discreetly adding one or more Lucite supports around the mineral if needed. In addition they add an acrylic label in either white or black lettering. Finally, here was a way to mount a specimen in the optimal position on a magnificently crafted base without using any glue!. I have waited my whole life for the ability to display my mineral collection in such a fine fashion. I would encourage any mineral collector who enjoys displaying their collection to have it custom mounted by The Sunnywood Collection. The artistically crafted stands enable you to show the optimal display side of the mineral, they safely hold the specimen in place, they allow you to remove the mineral for a closer look and then put it safely back in place, and they improve the overall display quality of the entire collection. All of these qualities make for a magnificent display that will surely showcase your mineral collection to the highest degree.
- Sandor P. Fuss - Collector     
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