We will NOT be set up at the Hotel Tucson City Center in 2019.

We will be participating in a new show that will allow us space to display our inventory as well as make custom bases ON SITE. More details on location, dates, pricing of bases, etc. to come soon!


Mineral City Show
February 1 - February 11, 2019
516 W Lester St.
Tucson, AZ
Show Website

Tucson Custom Base Pricing
1 day turnaround = price of base x2
2-3 day turnaround = price of base + $150
4-6 day turnaround = price of base + $100
1 week+ turnaround = price of base + $50

All bases start at $200 and will increase in price based on size of base, routing time, or specialty work involved with project. Price includes routing time, any needed support, feet, & locality label. A quote will be provided when dropping off specimen(s).


Westward Look Fine Mineral Show
February 8 - February 11, 2019
Westward Look Resort
245 E Ina Road
Tucson, AZ
Room 228
Show Website


Colorado Mineral & Fossil Show (Spring)
April 12 - April 14, 2019
Crowne Plaza Convention Center
15500 E 40th Ave.
Denver, CO
Booth 69
Show Website


Denver Fine Mineral Show
September 11 - September 14, 2019
Denver Marriott West
1717 Denver West Blvd.
Golden, CO
Room 234
Show Website